Sunday, September 9, 2007

On the Road- Los Angeles

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I have fallen down on the blogging recently but decided to post on a quick jaunt to LA a week back. And New York, I have to say, you win! Nothing compares to the foodie culture of this city. We hit up Gelateria, a gelato diner that oddly serves some of the yummiest pasta with sweet tomato marinara. They also have massive pieces of lemon coconut and red velvet cake that you can't pass up. The following night we made reservations at a hot spot restaurant in Culver City called Fraiche but unfortunately, I have to give it a major thumbs down. We had to wait 45 minutes past our reservations without even an apology and the food was nothing but okay. A complete C-. But in an effort to save the best for last, we stood in a 15 minutes line for Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills and this was worth the wait. We got a lemon coconut and chai latte cupcake and mulled a second trip for a strawberry one. They have a great variety. Scrumptious!

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