Monday, August 25, 2008


I finally made my way over to one of the loveliest blocks in Prospect Height to try the new restaurant, James (Carleton & St Marks Ave). The place is small so be prepared to wait especially on the weekend but it was well worth it on my trip there. The service across the board could use a bit of an upgrade but the food was superb. Amongst the table, we ordered the heirloom salad, the skate entrée, the trout entrée, the scallops, the black pepper fettuccine and finished with the lemon almond pound cake with rhubarb sorbet Everyone had nothing but good things to say about every dish. The scallops were the standout and worth a repeat attendance alone.


French Crime Wave Series

Film Forum is hosting a French Crime Wave series, some really great films will be shown and New Yorkers have until Sept 11 to take part. And those not in NY start throwing those titles in your Netflix queue.


Sparkling Rose

Sparkling Rose has been my summer jam. Light and far to easy to drink, it might even rear its head in the fall months!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hood News

The old video store on Court and 2nd is being made into a wine bar. I walked by the other day and they seem pretty far down the line for the interior. (A Brooklyn Life) Photo courtesy of A Brooklyn Life

A "whiskey and bbq joint" is rumored to be going in across from NY Perks on Smith (Eater)

The Sheep Station owners are opening a noodle restaurant on 4th Ave and DeGraw (Brownstoner). I just went to Ghenet a week or so back and it was delicious, love all the spots popping up on 4th Avenue.

PJ Hanley/South Brooklyn Pizza owner, Jim McGown was seen coming out of the long boarded up OTB on Court, where his french bistro was supposed to go. Maybe a sign something will finally happen to that corner soon.. (Gowanus Lounge)

Amy Ruth's Southern homecooking will not longer be coming to downtown Brooklyn (McBrooklyn)

Lucali is closed until end of August- Owners are on vacation (Chowhound)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Brooklyn Kitchen

The Brooklyn Kitchen almost makes me want to move to Williamsburg (okay, I won't get carried away) but it's pretty damn great. Not only do they have great cooking products, they also have great classes. Unfortunately, I was slow to sign up for the ice cream making class and it quickly sold out but there are a slew of fall programs I would love to sign up for. Plus, they have a foodie book club!


Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Plot: Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture. (courtesy of

Let me start by saying, of all the Europeans spots I have been (and there are a few but not many), Barcelona is the only place I would ever fully commit to moving to. It's utterly enchanting and has the benefits of being close to the beach but also being a city. That said, the allure to see Woody Allen's new film, 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona,' was high and it turned out to be exactly what I needed one quiet Friday afternoon. This summer, like every other summer, has been so filled with high action/comedy blockbusters that it was nice to sit in the sun of 'Barcelona" if only for an hour and a half. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are fantastic -- their passion is pulpable, Rebecca Hall is a good new find but Scarjo is the weak link. Not awful but not very good, it goes to show you what some great hair, some curves and a sexy bravado will get you in Hollywood. Charming and beautfully shot, this is a nice albeit fleeting relief from the usual summer fare.
(photo courtesy of


Custom Canvas Tote Bags

I am trying to be more green (as much of the world is) and am doing away with plastic grocery bags -- I have a few sturdy canvas totes but I want more! And ones that are cute and can maybe double as a purse since my current handbgas are giving me shoulder aches. So, I designed my own. This is my first try and the options are a bit stifling on Cafe Press but with a little Photoshop handiwork, the world is your oyster. Being the Criterion-loving Wes Anderson fan I am, I merged a collection of the dvd covers. I have lots of other film themed ones I want to do but I want to see how this one comes out first. Cheers to eco-friendliness.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ted & Honey- Summer brunch plan

The new "deli", Ted & Honey that opened this summer replacing the red delicatessen on Clinton and Congress has become a new weekend haunt. Everything is made on site and the food is pretty good. The service is a bit slow and they are clearly working out a few kinks still but it a great place to grab a coffee and a sandwich on the weekend before hitting the small park next door. The first time I got a BLT and the second time I got a egg sandwich with heirloom tomatoes, avocado, havarti and egg on brioche. Needless to say, much better then your usual bodega egg sandwich.
(Photo courtesy of Metromix)


Eton- Finally tried the dumplings

I finally made it over the to semi-new dumpling house, Eton on Henry and Sackett. They literally only serve dumplings and shaved ice although I hear in the winter, the shaved ice will be replaced with soup. They have three kinds of dumplings: Chicken with Mushroom, Veggie/Tofu and Beef and Pork. 5 for $3.50. The dumplings are made on the spot and are a decent size. For one person, 5 is beyond filling. The interior is sparse and the tables few but its a good place to take the meal to go and cheap to boot. Maybe not the best dumplings I have ever had but definitely good and a worthy addition to the neighborhood.


Bottle Rocket- Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection is finally releasing Wes Anderson's first movies, Bottle Rocket. The Playlist reports that it will be out in November in a two-disc set. I love this movie!

Dignan: [points to Bob] He's out.
[points to Anthony]
Dignan: And you're out, too. And I dont think I'm in, either. No gang!


Wallpaper at Target

I am currently really into wallpaper, maybe's it the idea that we always want what we can't have, since as a renter, I am not really able to wallpaper by apartment but if you can, you should! Target has a bunch of really great designs at reasonable prices and would be great for a bedroom or a bathroom. Check it.


Brooklyn Chinatown Adventure

Inspired by Brooklyn Based's tour here.


Blog Update

I have decided to expand Brunch Anytime beyond its original intention since lately life has become as such that I have less and less time to update one blog much less two so... it will continue to have recipes and Brooklyn food updates but will also include other Things I Fancy.