Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hood News

The old video store on Court and 2nd is being made into a wine bar. I walked by the other day and they seem pretty far down the line for the interior. (A Brooklyn Life) Photo courtesy of A Brooklyn Life

A "whiskey and bbq joint" is rumored to be going in across from NY Perks on Smith (Eater)

The Sheep Station owners are opening a noodle restaurant on 4th Ave and DeGraw (Brownstoner). I just went to Ghenet a week or so back and it was delicious, love all the spots popping up on 4th Avenue.

PJ Hanley/South Brooklyn Pizza owner, Jim McGown was seen coming out of the long boarded up OTB on Court, where his french bistro was supposed to go. Maybe a sign something will finally happen to that corner soon.. (Gowanus Lounge)

Amy Ruth's Southern homecooking will not longer be coming to downtown Brooklyn (McBrooklyn)

Lucali is closed until end of August- Owners are on vacation (Chowhound)

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