Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Late to the Party on Dumont.

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Okay, okay so I know this is in Williamsburg and that it has been praised by just about everyone already but I just have to add to the choir, it's really good! I have been wanting to try Dumont for a looooong time and I finally got my chance last night. The interior and general vibe of the place is cozy and parlour like with tin ceilings, lots of candles and a charming outdoor area. We sat outside and settled in quickly with a hearty beer and fried baby artichokes that were heavy on the tarragon and absolutely delicious. I was tempted to order the Mac n' Cheese (as prior posts can tell, I have an affinity for) but went for the DuMont burger which is their signature dish. It came with fries and lots of pickles (the key to my heart). The burger was just right and it was obvious why they have now opened a Dumont Burger down the block that solely serves burgers.

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