Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick Meal on the Fly

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I have been a bit under the weather recently so not up for much cooking but I started to feel a bit better by Sunday so a friend came to visit. I wasn't quite sure what to make and I wasn't up for going all out so I grabbed some cheese and olives and after reading a rave review of Amy's cornmeal crust pizza, doctored one of those up and put together a salad. The pizza was great (I know, a bit of a cop out but easy was key) but the salad was even better. I took some grape tomatoes I had and quickly roasted them and threw them in with some romaine and parmesan. I then made up a quick and easy dressing that was balsamic, EVOO, one garlic glove minced, salt and pepper, oregano and some grey poupon mustard. Sometimes we do the best with what we have and it actually all turns out pretty good!

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