Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clover Club

I went over to the Clover Club on Smith Street today and treated myself to a couple fancy cocktails and deviled eggs. We arrived pretty early and were able to get seated right away. My first drink was a Champagne Cobbler that was served on crushed ice with fruit. Light and delicious. The second drink was a fizzler with pineapple and brandy, the name escapes me but it was also quite good. The menu is several pages long with many complicated yet delicious sounding cocktails. The food menu is sparse but has the some decent bar fare, drumsticks, fried oysters, steak tartare, etc. Definitely worth a repeat visit although I heard on the weekend it gets too crowded and a line can form outside since they don't let you stand and they only allow in as many people as there are seats. (photo courtesy of Brownstoner)

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