Monday, October 13, 2008

Rachel Getting Married & The Wrestler

I saw two movies this weekend, Rachel Getting Married and The Wrestler. I REALLY wanted to love both but I actually thought both were just alright. Maybe my expectations were too high especially for the latter and there were definitely some strong performances in both but I wasn't in love with either.

Rachel Getting Married was extremely well acted with stand out performances from Anne Hathaway and the actress, who plays her sister Rachel, Rosemarie DeWitt. It just seemed unnecessarily long to me and failed to keep me from looking at my watch.

The Wrestler was a movie I was extremely excited for, having read the script a few months back and loved it. While this might just be a case of the book being better than the movie syndrome, I wasn't pulled into the story that way I was in the script, again maybe because I knew what was coming but the film as a whole just fell a bit flat for me despite a great job done by lead actor, Mickey Rourke.

There are lots of great movies I still need to see and more to come as the studios pump out their Oscar fodder in the coming months.

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