Monday, October 20, 2008

Vendy Awards

I hit the Vendy Awards on Saturday in Dumbo courtesy of a very generous friend. The field had been narrowed down to the Top 5 street vendors and the Top 3 Dessert Trucks. We hit all 5 vendors with the exceptions of the Pupusas (which I love but have had many times) and the Calexico truck (again, I love but have had many times and the line was loooong). We didn't try the ice cream truck and we both have had the Dessert Truck so we went for the Treats truck instead. It was a bit chilly by the water that evening but all the food was tasty and I am defintely going to have to start seeking out the Kwik Meal cart in Midtown now. Nominees and Winner after the jump.

Winners in bold!
Food: Heavenly Delights, Biryani Cart, Kwik Meal, Soler Dominican, and Calexico.
Dessert: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, Dessert Truck, Treats Truck

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