Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I just found out about this fantastic volunteer group in Greenpoint called Dessert Corps. If you enjoy baking like I do, here you go... As their website explains: "Although it is the goal at the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen to always provide a home cooked meal, it is not always quite possible; The physical kitchen is too small to provide a hearty meal AND homemade desserts. Since a healthy meal is the main concentration, desserts don’t always get the focus they deserve. Not surprisingly, dessert is one of the favorite parts of the weekly meal. People accept any sweet–be it a couple of cookies from the dollar store or a homemade treat– with a big smile. It is our goal with the dessert corps to ensure that every dessert served from the kitchen is a homemade treat made by someone from the community. To this end, we are searching out 10 weekly volunteers to cook up a sweet treat that serves 10. Each week there will be a theme/recipe. You can do it once, do it weekly, do it monthly, or do it whenever you feel like baking. Eventually we will have an online calendar system for sign ups. Until then, please email craigskitchen [at] with the subject line Dessert Corps Volunteer in order to get involved."

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