Thursday, April 16, 2009

okay, i am the first to admit the hills is worse than ever yet somehow i am inexplicably still watching. i guess i really am a completest through and through. anyways, on the most recent episodes we have been introduced to spencer's friend, charlie, who is just completely outrageous and a stereotype of LA dudes. apparently, i am not the only one who wanted to know who the hell this guy is as the NYT blog digs in on the question... As they aptly describe "When we first encounter Charlie in 503, he and Spencer are tooling around in Pratt’s BMW M6. G. Block’s “Got It On” blares and Charlie rides shotgun, car-dancing. He’s a strange man — Charlie speaks in mercurial Los Angles haikus. The first words we hear are: “Night away from Heidi/Good man dude/ Thanks for coming out.” Not exactly Pinter or Basho, but not bad. Later he says enigmatically, “You don’t slip. You trip. You flip. Just like pancakes.” Really?

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