Sunday, August 12, 2007

Homemade Brunch

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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." - Virginia Woolf

I made a trip to the greenmarket on 1st place and picked up a bouquet of lavender, daisies and snap dragons as well as some fresh tomatoes (for 70 cents!), garlic and onions for my meal.

I had a friend coming out for brunch and decided to make raspberry muffins and tomato, caramelized onions & gouda quiche. The raspberry muffins turned out well consistency and size wise but something was lacking from the batter, next time I might try adding some agave nectar (a good suggestion from my guest) or possibly making them lemon raspberry muffins or strudel muffins?

The quiche on the other hand was better than I expected. I made a hash brown crust beforehand, using mashed frozen potato latkes after being unable to find shredded frozen potatoes at the store. Then I added the fillings (caramelized onions, tomatoes, gouda, garlic, salt and pepper) with three eggs and a cup of half and half. You could add meat as well if you want or any type of vegetable (peppers and spinach would be yummy). Baked it for 40 mins, served with some salad and complete!

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