Monday, August 6, 2007

One of My Favorite Places on Planet Earth

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After a beach filled weekend in Fire Island that upped by freckle quotient substantially, I headed to one of my very favorite restaurants, Frankie's 457 on Court Street between 4th and Luquer (they also have a smaller Manhattan branch). This place is one of the best spots in the neighborhood: amazing outdoor space, friendly, great lighting and most all, delicious. The wait time here can be a bit off putting but it well worth it. I have yet to eat something there I didn't like. Last night, we drank Rose', ate the crostinis, the roasted vegetable salad (of which I could have had several more of), and ordered one of my favorite dishes, the cavatelli with sausage and sage butter. One friend tried the linguine with fava beans, garlic and bread crumbs which was also fantastic.

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BrooklynInn said...

Frankies' is great and has true cheap eats - and the backyard is the perfect fall destination...