Monday, December 15, 2008

I tried a couple new recipes this weekend to varying results. I had never made candy before and decided to try making these Ginger- Cinnamon Caramels that I saw on The Kitchn. It's quite a process to make these and you have to make sure you get the mixture boiling just right and at just the right temperature. In the end, I made a cookie sheet of caramel but once I tried it, I threw the whole thing out. It was buttery, sugary, yummy caramel alright but the cinnamon completely overpowered and ruined the candy. I might try again minus the cinnamon or at the very least, with about half the cinnamon.

I also tried a Chocolate Layer Cake with Peppermint Frosting to better results. It's a bit of a two day process to make this cake but its worth it as the white chocolate cream in between the layers makes the entire cake. I omitted the chocolate ganache layer since many of the reviews on the recipe complained of difficulty and since I already had the chocolate cake, I thought that would suffice. Also the peppermint frosting recipe (as many of the reviews said) didn't ever thicken so I tried another marshmallow like frosting recipe and added peppermint extract. Although I think I would have added a little less in retrospect. All in all though, most of the cake was gone by the time I left the holiday party :)

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