Friday, March 7, 2008

Jolie on Altantic

I tried Jolie for brunch this past weekend for the first time and really enjoyed my experience. The food is good, not out of this world but with the great ambiance, it is well worth the visit. We got in right away (a plus in this hood lately) and were seated towards the back in their covered garden area. I had a great omelette that came with salad and fries and my friend got the french toast. Good coffee and service makes it someplace I will definitely hit again.


Chewy said...

I went to Jolie for dinner (as I am opposed to brunch). I agree with you that it's pretty good, but not awesome. I like it a lot better than Cafe LULUc, though.

Reiko said...

I like Cafe Luluc too but the last couple times I went there I had to wait so long and the service was sub par but the food is ace.

Chewy said...

Cafe LULUc put canned olives in my salad. That's unforgivable.