Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NEW: Reds Produce

While walking home from my lovely bday dinner on Tuesday, we noticed a new place near Moonshine that had a chalk board outside. It was late so it was just closing so we were only able to peer thru the window and see they were projecting Volver. Today Gothamist reports it's "a new tapas bar and grocer called Reds Produce." They go on to say "Breakfast pastries are supplied by Margaret Palca Bakes, and the restaurant uses coffee beans roasted on Court Street by D’Amico. Come warmer weather, Reds Produce will live up to its name and sell vegetables supplied through Urban Organic... The menu is simple: Tortilla EspaƱola ($4), Boquerones ($4), assorted olives ($3), bocadillos, and a dozen meat and cheese choices. " The sign last night said it is BYOB right now but we hear wine and beer is on its way. Phew.

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